Ahead of Asian Games 2018, Buildings in Kota Tua Revitalized

Rabu, 08 Oktober 2014 18:21 Erna Martiyanti 2120

(Foto: Yopie Oscar - Beritajakarta.id)

Jakarta Provincial Government along with PT Pembangunan Kota Tua and Jakarta Endowment for Art and Heritage (JEFAH) start to manage some buildings in Kota Tua. On the first stage, as much as 27 building are revitalized. It is hoped the effort will attract tourist during Asian Games 2018 implementation in Jakarta.

It's done in  short time. Hopefully we could gain more tourist

Director of PT Pembangunan Kota Tua, Lin Che Wei, said the revitalization has been started especially for building that have permission from the owner. "It's done in  short time. Hopefully we could gain more tourist," Lin said at City Hall, Wednesday (10/8).

According to him, the architects have designed the building without loosing the originality. His side is still asking city government to manage street vendors around the area. "We need assist from city government because two days ago the street vendors have elected new head of cooperative," he added.

Lin stated that street vendors still have place to sell their goods, but only them who already listed. It is aimed to avoid bigger number of street vendors in the future.

Head Dept. of Tourism and Culture, Arie Budhiman, explained that building design of Kota Tua is not changed, but the function is adjusted with the need.

Kota Tua will be equipped with facilities such as parking lot and parks. Arie added that his side will cooperate with KUMKMP Department in order to manage street vendors.

There are 134 buildings of Dutch heritage in Kota Tua. Of the total amount, only five buildings are owned by city government namely Jakarta Historical Museum, Bahari Museum, Conservation Hall, Wayang Museum, and Art and Ceramic Museum. The rest buildings are owned by state-owned enterprises.