COVID-19, Gandaria Selatan Receives 34,750 Sacks of Rice

Jumat, 12 Juni 2020 15:03 Mustaqim Amna 465

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Gandaria Selatan Urban Village, Cilandak, South Jakarta has received social aid in the form of 34,750 kg of rice to be distributed to those in need affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

Last week, we also received 4,097 sacks of 25-kg ric

"Last week, we also received 4,097 sacks of 25-kg rice. The total aid we have received is around 5,487 sacks," expressed Gandaria Selatan Urban Village Head, Agung Media Gautama, Thursday (6/11).

Those 34,750 kg of rice packaged in 1,390 sacks would be sent to seven RWs. He detailed, 191 of them were for RW 01, 239 were for RW 02, 41 were for RW 03, 55 were for RW 05, 110 were for RW 06 and 621 were for RW 07.

"We have coordinated with local RWs to distribute them door to door to comply with physical distancing rules," he closed.