Ancol Dreamland to Open on June 20, but with Limited Capacity

Reporter : Folmer | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | June 11th, 2020 11:33 AM 11:33 WIB | Dibaca 675 kali
Ancol Dreamland to Open on June 20, but with Limited Capacity (Foto : /

The Taman Impian Jaya Ancol otherwise known as Ancol Dreamland is preparing to reopen during the transition period on Saturday (6/20).

" we will implement the health protocol and will also give discounts for visitors"

"Along with that opening, we will implement the health protocol and will also give discounts for visitors," expressed PT Taman Impian Jaya Ancol President Director, Teuku Sahir Syahali, Wednesday (6/10).

He revealed, the new regulations imposed in the Ancol area would carry the theme 'Senang Selamat Bareng-Bareng' (happy and safe together).

"This is because visitors, employees, officers and partners have a very important role in maintaining the health of each other for the common good," he explained.

He went on to say that there are several important rules in Ancol, such as limiting the number of visitors up to 50 percent of normal capacity, pregnant women and children under five years old and the elderly are not permitted to enter the integrated tourist area of Ancol.

"We do not open ticket sales services at counters, yet visitors can buy tickets by online, which will open starting June 13. They are also required to make a reservation before visiting Ancol," he told.

His side also planned to prepare a number of rules according to health protocols such as body temperature checks at the gate and Ancol recreation unit and wear masks while in Ancol area.

"Including physical distancing between visitors in all areas with a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters and periodic disinfectant spray in Ancol area," he continued.

Therefore, the recreation unit in Ancol that will be opened in stages were Allianz Ecopark Beach, Art Market, Dunia Fantasi, Ocean Dream Samudra and Sea World Ancol, as well as restaurants inside the Ancol area and Putri Duyung Resort lodging. While for the Atlantis Water Adventures would open at a later stage.

"Its operating hours are also adjusted, namely the main gate and the beach area open from 6 AM to 8 PM, Dunia Fantasi from 10 AM to 6 PM and Ocean Dream Samudra and Seaworld Ancol open from 9 AM to 5 PM. They open every Monday to Sunday, including national holiday," he told.

Aside that, visitors should obey the health protocol and bring personal equipment including eating utensils, worship stuffs and hand sanitizers.

"We are committed to being able to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of all Ancol's rides or public infrastructure. Adding hand washing facilities, providing hand sanitizers and cleaning with disinfectants will be routinely carried out," he closed.