City Appreciates Hindu-Buddhist Organizations' Help for Medical Workers

Rabu, 10 Juni 2020 15:47 Rezki Apriliya Iskandar 378

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Entering transition period, the Jakarta Provincial Government continues to promote the large-scale social collaboration (KSBB) program in Jakarta. It is also inseparable from the participation of the Gema Sadhana, which is a community organization that collects the aspirations of Indonesian Hindu and Buddhist communities.

Thank you, we really appreciate your support

Jakarta Vice Governor Ahmad Riza Patria symbolically received social aid from the Gema Sadhana Central Leadership Council (DPP) Chairperson AS Kobalen at City Hall, Tuesday (6/9). The aid distributed was 400 personal protective equipments (PPE), 600 medical protective gears, 400 face shields, 500 masks and 200 bottles of hand sanitizer to medical workers treating COVID-19 patients to better safeguard them against the disease.

"Thank you, we really appreciate your support, including those who have participate to help us in curbing the virus, like from the business world, mass organizations, communities and citizens," he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

As for the information, the city continues to work hard to defuse the impact of the spread and transmission of COVID-19 through the KSBB program. That is by collaborating with various private sectors and elements.

"The disease is not only in our city, but in the world. That's why we (government and citizen) must unite to overcome it. I hope this cooperation can work well in curbing the spread curve of the virus," he explained.

He also advised all parties to implement health protocols in daily life, work and worship places during the transition period. Through this aid, the city together with various elements of the community could be able to continue collaborating in suppressing the COVID-19 cases and reducing the impacts that have been caused.

"Transition period is very important, as it is arranged so comprehensively. Citizens' behavior is the key. So please help socialize to our entire environment. Until today, we still apply the learning system from home, including worship activities. Even though we perform Friday prayers at mosque, we still comply with the health protocol, likewise with other religions," he explained.

Meanwhile, Gema Sadhana DPP Chairperson AS Kobalen uttered that his community participation was a form of caring and to help the handling and control of COVID-19 in Jakarta.

"This is a sense of our concern for the city government. Hope this is useful for us all," he hoped.