Here is COVID-19 Health Protocol for Tourism Businesses along Transition Period

Rabu, 10 Juni 2020 09:46 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 1520

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Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economic Agency Head Cucu Ahmad Kurnia has issued a Decree number 1363/2020 on the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Protocol in Offices/Workplaces During the Transition to Healthy, Safe and Productive Communities.

It becomes a reference for business actors, officials and staffs in the process of implementing COVID-19 prevention and control

It purposes to ensure the tourism industry sector complies with the COVID-19 health protocol, including requirements, the COVID-19 preventive integrity pact, infrastructure and health protocols in the transition period.

"It becomes a reference for business actors, officials and staffs in the process of implementing COVID-19 prevention and control," he expressed, Tuesday (6/9).

Based on the decree, he explained, a number of tourism industry sectors that can operate in transition should limit business owners, workers and visitors up to 50 percent of normal capacity.

It also included operational schedules, one of which is the food and beverage service business. Independent food and beverage service businesses and which become hotel facilities (except bars) could provide food and drink services (dine-in) and delivery (takeaway) from June 8-15.

"Those operating in shopping centers or malls are only permitted to serve delivery. They can already open dine-in services on June 15-July 2 by limiting customers up to 50 percent of normal capacity," he stressed.

In addition, the agency had coordinated with tourism industry associations such as hotels and restaurants, recreation centers and exhibition organizers to consistently implement the health protocol.

Even though the restaurant gets some leeway in doing business in the PSBB transition, they should run health protocols such as limiting the distance between tables and limited customer capacity to maintain physical distancing, including making a line at the restaurant if there are orders taken home.

"For recreation centers, the queue is limited due to different atmosphere. They must also run health protocols like checking body temperature and using masks," he told.

Besides relating to the needs of the community, he added, taxes from the entertainment and tourism sector were quite beneficial for the Jakarta Provincial Government.

"We welcomed the transition but still had to prepare everything thus the situation would improve. All business sectors must implement health protocols," he asserted.

Here are tourism businesses that will operate in the PSBB period, along with the operational schedule:

1. Museum and gallery on June 8-July 2

2. Beach on June 13-July 2

3. Mall and barbershop on June 15-July 2

4. Indoor and outdoor recreation parks, tourism area and zoo on June 20-July 2, except waterpark

5. Outdoor sports facilities on June 5-July 2, except swimming pool