Here is Health Protocol in Workplace During PSBB Transition

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Jakarta Manpower, Transmigration and Energy Agency Head Andri Yansyah has signed and issued a Decree number 1363/2020 on the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Protocol in Offices/Workplaces During the Transition to Healthy, Safe and Productive Communities.

It becomes a reference for companies and officers in the process of implementing COVID-19 prevention and control in offices or workplaces

According to him, it was issued to ensure office or workplace activities during PSBB transition comply with the requirements, protocols, infrastructure and health order.

"It becomes a reference for companies and officers in the process of implementing COVID-19 prevention and control in offices or workplaces," he expressed, Tuesday (6/9).

In this decree, offices or workplaces must fulfill the following conditions:

a. Each company must have the Company's Internal COVID-19 Task Force Team, which consists of the leader, staffing section, K3 division and health workers

b. Limit worker numbers in offices/workplaces to a maximum of 50 percent of the total number of workers

c. Make a work schedule with reference to the health protocol

d. Make arrangements for the use of worker facilities to avoid crowds (religious facilities, canteens, rest areas, sports facilities, entertainment facilities, etc)

e. All workers and guests/visitors must always wear masks and other personal protective equipments as needed while in the office/workplace environment;

f. Disinfecting the work environment periodically using appropriate cleaners and disinfectants, as well as maintaining the cleanliness of the work environment, especially door handles and stairs, elevator buttons, shared office equipment, areas and other public facilities

g. Conduct body temperature check (screening) at each office/work entry point

h. Provide sanitary hygiene equipments such as hand sanitizers in each entrance area and around the building area

i. Provide facilities and infrastructure for washing hands with soap and running water

j. Do not doing termination of employment and continue to provide the rights commonly accepted by workers who are conducting independent quarantine

k. Conduct COVID-19 Risk Self-Assessment, one day before workers enter the office for all workers to ensure workers are safe from COVID-19 and require guests/visitors to fill out the Self-Assessment Form

l. Maintain physical distancing between workers in a room up to one meter

m. Maximize the use of technology to reduce direct contact between workers

n. Minimize the use of meeting rooms by maximizing virtual meetings even in one area of the building

o. Health workers/K3 officers/staff division proactively monitor workers' health

p. Avoid the use of personal tools together such as, prayer tools, cutlery, etc

q. Every worker is urged to use private vehicles to travel, preferably bicycles and walking;

r. Provide supporting facilities for workers cycling to work/offices (parking lots, shower facilities, etc.)

s. Conduct cleaning on the office operational vehicles and is equipped with personal protective equipment and hygiene sanitation tools as needed

t. Conduct transmission prevention techniques such as the installation of barriers or glass screens for workers serving customers, and others

u. Provide a separate area/room for observation of workers, guests/visitors with symptoms during screening

v. Provide a work order, ID card and office uniform to the assigned worker

w. Leaders must always pay attention to the latest information and the central and regional government appeals and instructions regarding COVID-19 and inform it all workers through the most effective infrastructure and media

x. Provide coaching for workers who do not implement the COVID-19 prevention and control protocol

He added each company must report the implementation of the COVID-19 prevention and control protocol in offices/workplaces during the transition period via

"If you break it, you may be subject to sanctions in accordance with statutory provisions," he asserted.