Katar: PSBB Extension as Transition Period is the Right Decision

Jumat, 05 Juni 2020 17:25 Budhy Tristanto 517

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Watchdog New Jakarta Observer People's Coalition (Katar) Chairman Sugiyanto assessed Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan's decree to extend the city's large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) to end of June as the transition period was very appropriate.

Surely this policy is taken based on careful consideration and based on scientific data

Besides curbing the virus transmission, it also gave new hope for businesses, offices, religious worship, restaurants and other large benefit activities.

"Surely this policy is taken based on careful consideration and based on scientific data on COVID-19 in Jakarta. The governor has made the right policy, Everybody Happy," he asserted, when he interviewed via telephone, Thursday (6/4).

Moreover, the governor's statement about PSBB transition aired via Youtube @Pemprov DKI Jakarta (http://www.youtube.com/dkijakarta) was difficult to argue with, as it was so logical and rational.

He went on to say that Jakarta's pandemic reproduction rate was 4 in early March and had fallen to 0.99 in June. Yet the governor continued to extend the PSBB to the end of June as a transition period.

"The point is we are still in PSBB status, but there is easing. Starting Monday, offices in Jakarta may operate with a capacity of 50 percent by implementing health protocols, including worship activities," he continued.

Based on the governor's statement, he assessed, there were three indicators to be able to loosen PSBB, namely epidemiology, the city got a score of 75, public health with a score of 70 and health facilities with a score of 100. So, the total score of the three indicators was 76 thus social restrictions could begin to be loosened gradually.

In this transition, all the regulations regarding sanctions imposing restrictions would remain valid, starting from business to community activities. The public should continue to use masks, maintain physical distancing, avoid the crowd, hand washing and other rules.

"The success of the first transition phase in June to the second phase depends on the discipline of Jakarta citizens. So all must comply with the PSBB rules for the sake of safe and healthy conditions," he closed.

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