Bank DKI Applies PSBB Procedures

Selasa, 05 Mei 2020 17:26 Wuri Setyaningsih Maria Inggita 565

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With the large number of customer visits, Bank DKI ensures to serve customers by following the Large-scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) procedures.

Customers should follow PSBB regulations by wearing mask and maintain physical distance minimal one meter

"Customers should follow PSBB regulations by wearing mask and maintain physical distance minimal one meter," stated Herry Djufraini, PT. Bank DKI Corporate Secretary, Monday (5/4).

According to him, the large number of customers visits occurred because of limited operational activities and shifted branch offices with operational hours at 8:30 AM - 2 PM. It was carried out as the part of PSBB implementation in Jakarta.

"Per May 4, 2020, there are 50 Bank DKI branch offices that still operating in big cities such as Bandung, Surakarta, and Gresik," he informed.

He added, Bank DKI also provides banking service through mobile branch in several spots, including in public housings (Rusunawa) in Jakarta. Banking service are still provided by following the procedures of COVID-19 prevention and handling.

"Bank DKI keeps serving customers who live in Rusunawa via mobile branch based on the schedule. This service is provided to improve our banking service for Rusunawa occupants including for payment of unit rental, water and electricity," he conveyed.

He also encourages customers to do cashless transaction using JakOne Mobile for individual and Cash Management System for institutions and corporate.

Moreover, he continued, customers can make transfers between accounts or between banks, bills payment from home using JakOne Mobile. Using this application, prospective customers can also open saving account or online deposit with an attractive interest rates that can be done without visit Bank DKI branch office.