Launching Large-Scale Social Collaboration, City Encourages People to Help Others

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Maria Inggita | April 30th, 2020 02:27 PM 14:27 WIB | Dibaca 681 kali
Launching Large-Scale Social Collaboration, City Encourages People to Help Others (Foto : Istimewa /

Jakarta Provincial Government launched Large-scale Social Collaboration (KSBB) program to overcome the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. This program encourages communities to unite against COVID-19 in Jakarta during Ramadan by bringing together people who want to donate and those who need assistance.

" KSBB program is targeting vulnerable groups or institutions"

KSBB is launched to help economically vulnerable citizens of Jakarta, especially those who are affected by the Large-scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) implementation in Jakarta.

Jakarta Communication, Information, and Statistic Agency (Diskominfotik) Head, Atika Nur Rahmania explained, this program is open for public and it can be accessed via website

"KSBB program is targeting vulnerable groups or institutions, such as vulnerable RW, children's orphanage social homes, Islamic Boarding Schools, and other potential locations based on the priority. All information related to KSBB program is open to public where the information is updated regularly via site on the KSBB menu. It is time to collaborate and help the others through KSBB," she said as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release on Wednesday (4/29).

Furthermore, Jakarta Smart City BLUD Head, Yudhistira Nugraha explained the procedures for those who are interested to join as Jakarta Government's collaborator, as follows;

1. Access the website:

2. For those who want to give assistance can choose the region from KSBB map in KSBB menu. After choosing the region, select the beneficiaries who will receive the assistance (RW, social houses, Pesantren, and others).

3. Fill the commitment form with the estimated assistance that you want to provide, such as its type, amount, and time period. Then, submit a support commitment. Later, you will get contact of person in charge of the intended location. Contact immediately in less than 2x24 hours and coordinate the assistance distribution plans.

4. For assistance in form of meal packages, it should be delivered directly through coordination with the local RW

5. After distributing the assistance, collaborator should confirm in the system that distribution assistance has been carried out by filling out the distribution realization form. This information will be published for periodic reporting.

Jakarta Secretary Cooperation Bureau Acting Head (Plt), Andhika Permata stated, each collaborator can determine the form of assistance that will be provided for the benficiaries. However, Jakarta Provincial Government also provided a reference for KSBB assistance which prioritized in Ramadan month.

Here are the forms of assistance that can be provided;

- Meal Package (morning-night) Rp 45,000/person/day consisting of rice, vegetables, side dishes, fresh drink, takjil (for breaking the fast) or other equivalent forms, with estimation of 4 people in 1 family (KK);

- Staple Food Package Rp 200,000/KK/week: Rice 5kg, cooking oil 2 liter, flour 1kg, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, sugar 1kg, instant coffee and tea in sachets, 1 can of sardine, 5 packs of instant noodle, margarine 200gr, dates 500gr or other equivalent form;

- Holiday Allowance (THR) Package in cash Rp 50,000/person or Rp 200,000/KK (just once) with estimation of 4 people in 1 KK.

Food assistance should be in a good condition, hygienic, and halal. Assistance in form of staple foods or groceries also ensured to have sufficient expiration period. The assistance should be free of politics, race, and false information (hoax) issues.

Meanwhile, collaborators can find out the detailed information about locations that need assistance and the distribution progress through KSBB Platform in form of interactive map at

People can find detailed information regarding donation target in several locations on the map, as well as number of families per RW (hamlet), and name of person in charge for each RWs, orphanages, nursing houses, social houses for disability, and Islamic Boarding School (Pesantren) that require assistance. Including the list of 50 RWs with the highest number of families, RWs that received social assistance from local government as well as collaborators are all can be seen through KSBB Commitment Map.

Besides providing assistance, public can see information related to this program within KSBB Map, such as updated data of the number of ODP, PDP, and COVID-19-positive patients in each RWs, Pesantren, as well as targeted social houses and RWs in KSBB program.

Further information regarding KSBB can be accessed at That website also contains information about official assistance distribution partners, namely DKI Jakarta Red Cross, Baznas Bazis Jakarta, Rumah Zakat Foundation, and Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT). People can also contact Development Collaboration Network (JDCN) at 0811-9600-0197 / 0811-8348-899.