January-Mid April, 2,661 Trees Pruned in Central Jakarta

Reporter : Adriana Megawati | Editor : Maria Inggita | April 16th, 2020 05:46 PM 17:46 WIB | Dibaca 312 kali
January-Mid April, 2,661 Trees Pruned in Central Jakarta (Foto : Adriana Megawati / Beritajakarta.id)

From January to April 14, as many as 2,661 trees in Central Jakarta were pruned.

" Total we have pruned 2,661 trees"

Central Jakarta Park and Urban Forest Sub-agency Head, Mila Ananda stated, her side conducted light pruning to 1,216 trees, medium pruning to 1,292 trees, and hard pruning to 153 trees.

"Total we have pruned 2,661 trees," she mentioned, Wednesday (4/15).

In Large-scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) period, her side reduced number of personnel who work on the field. Besides, they also equipped with face masks, gloves, and boots.

"We reduce our personnel on the field by applying work shift system," she added.

Not only personnel, every day her side also deploys 10 trucks and 11 water tank cars with capacity 4,000-5,000 liters to water the plants in Central Jakarta.

"We want to ensure to take care our plants," she closed.