Recapitulation of Latest COVID-19 Reports in Jakarta

Reporter : Rezki Apriliya Iskandar | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | April 2nd, 2020 12:59 PM 12:59 WIB | Dibaca 629 kali
Recapitulation of Latest COVID-19 Reports in Jakarta (Foto : /

The recapitulation results of the COVID-19 pandemic in Jakarta by the Jakarta Health Agency on Wednesday (4/1) has shown that 51 out of 794 patients with coronavirus have recovered and 490 are still being treated, 166 are undergoing self isolation and 87 others died.

" As of March 31, coronavirus positive percentage reached 1.7 percent"

"While 705 people are still waiting for laboratory results. As for the number of people in monitoring (ODP) is reaching 2,359 people, 498 are still monitored and 1,861 have passed monitoring. Patient in monitoring reaches 1,165 people, 798 are still being treated and 367 have returned to home," expressed Disease Prevention and Control Division Head, Dwi Oktavia, on the sidelines of COVID-19 Daily Brief, at Jakarta City Hall, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (4/1), as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

In the meantime, medical workers with coronavirus reached 84 people, 1 died and 2 are pregnant. Those are now hospitalized in 30 hospitals and 1 clinic in Jakarta. There were two doctors died who are domiciled in Jakarta, but from two hospitals outside Jakarta.

Until now, rapid tests for coronavirus continues to be intensified in five cities and Thousand Islands, as well as the Employee Health Service Center (PPKP).

"As of March 31, coronavirus positive percentage reached 1.7 percent, with a total of 18,077 people have undergone rapid tests. With details, 299 people tested positive for coronavirus and 17,778 are negative," he explained.

Further, there are two procedures for conducting a rapid test, which are active by the Puskesmas to people at high risk of coronavirus and passive by the Puskesmas where patients come for treatment at the Puskesmas yet the criteria for patients to get a rapid test determined by the officer. That means not everyone can do a rapid test.

If the test results are positive, the next step is to take a swab, isolate independently or be referred to the shelter (according to criteria) while waiting for the results of the PCR. If the condition worsens before receiving the PCR results, the patient will be referred to the hospital.

Yet if the results are negative, the patient is informed to:

a. Self-isolation for 14 days. If the condition worsens, the patient is referred to a hospital and continued with PCR examination.

b. Re-check the rapid test (one time) on days 7 to 10 after the initial test

The city will still prioritize increasing laboratory capacity for PCR tests, which are test methods to enforce diagnostics whether someone is exposed to COVID-19 or not.

He uttered the city highly appreciates various parties who have provided aid in handling coronavirus in Jakarta. As reported earlier, the city received aid in the form of personal protective equipment (APD), masks, gloves, disinfectant and natura (tangible asset) for medical workers from government agencies, business world, social institutions, associations and volunteer groups and individuals.

"The aid received by the city government on March 31 included support for the medical team in the form of 350 pieces of clothing in the women's medical team and 160 pieces of clothing in the men's medical team from Uniqlo; 4,000 pairs of gloves from TFI Foods; 2,100 cans of Milk Packaging from PT. Nestle Indonesia. There are also support from the community, ranging from 120 liters of disinfectant solution, 200 units of alcohol swabs, 10 liters of hand sanitizer, and 500 pairs of gloves," he closed.