City Expects COVID-19 Outbreak Control Socialization to Be Done Massively

Selasa, 24 Maret 2020 14:19 Rezki Apriliya Iskandar 828

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Jakarta Provincial Government through COVID-19 Response Team reminds all residents in Jakarta, especially mass media to socialize the prevention and control of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that is currently spreading in Jakarta in a massive and proper way.

I want to remind all the journalists (mass media) to continue inform and socialize people thus they can be serious in following up the instructions from the government

Jakartans are also expected to follow instructions from Jakarta Government. Because Jakarta is one of the centers of the COVID-19 outbreak and COVID-19 Disaster Emergency Response has been declared.

This information was delivered by Jakarta COVID-19 Response Team Leader, Catur Laswanto at the Update and Daily Brief of COVID-19 Response Team at Jakarta City Hall.

"I want to remind all the journalists (mass media) to continue inform and socialize people thus they can be serious in following up the instructions from the government. As we know, there are more and more cases from time to time. It is a fact that we should be worried. Surely, we can fight this virus if all people can follow government's instruction to stay at home, mind your distance, and don't go out if it is not urgent," he stated as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release, Monday (3/23).

According to him, number of COVID-19 positive cases and mortality rate in Jakarta is increasing. Per March 23, total 356 patients tested positive for COVID-19, 22 patients recovered, 31 patients deceased, and 42 health workers infected with COVID-19.  

Meanwhile, number of people under monitoring (ODP) in Jakarta reached 1,465 people.

"As many as 1,064 people are no longer in monitoring and 401 are still being monitored. While there are 691 patients who are being watched in total. Patients who are still receiving treatment until today are 430 people and 261 people have been allowed to go home," he informed.

From the evaluation result, he found out some people who didn't comply the instruction from Jakarta Government.

As en effort to prevent and control the COVID-19 outbreak, his side deployed Satpol PP to conduct sweeping and closing the entertainment areas in Jakarta as to follow up the circular letter of Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Office which as of March 23,2020, stated that entertainment business venues must be closed.

Jakarta Satpol PP Head, Arifin and his subordinates inspected the locations directly and closed several entertainment business venues on Monday (3/23) afternoon, namely:

1. Djakarta Theater Sarinah, Central Jakarta

2. Malioboro Entertainment Venue, Central Jakarta Pusat

3. Emporium, Central Jakarta

4. Metropole Cinema, Central Jakarta

5. Grand Paragon Cinema and Karaoke, West Jakarta Barat

6. Cafes/Bars in Blok M Melawai, South Jakarta

Furthermore, Jakarta Government also received some assistance from companies or social institutions to overcome COVID-19 as conveyed by Jakarta Secretary's Regional Cooperation Bureau Acting Head (Plt), Andhika Permata.

"The assistance is indeed very much needed, which is related to health equipment including face masks, gloves, disinfectants, and some parts of personal protective equipment, boots, and others. We conveyed our gratitude for all community elements who have participated and supported Jakarta Government to overcome COVID-19," he said.