Let's Find Out about Roller Skate Sports with Jakarta Inline Skate Community

Kamis, 13 Februari 2020 15:11 TP Moan Simanjuntak 1074

(Foto: TP Moan Simanjuntak - Beritajakarta.id)

Are you inspired to try roller sports? Or maybe you are an enthusiast already? Let's join and use your skills to help roller skate clubs in Jakarta, like Jakarta Inline Skate Community (JISCO), which has been routinely practicing at the Bung Karno Stadium (GBK).

So come and join us, it's free

JISCO Chairman Putra (31) said his club has been formed since 2015 when many people were playing wheels at the GBK Gate 3.

"Because I often play together, we decide to form a club as a forum to channel our hobbies," he expressed, Wednesday (2/12).

Currently the club already has 200 members starting from the age of 5 to 40 years. This club also routinely practices at GBK five times a week.

"We start at 7 to 10 PM every Wednesday until Saturday and at 7 AM to 10 AM every Sunday," he explained.

To join the club, each person just needs to register at the JISCO Secretariat on Jalan Pintu Satu, Senayan. It only accommodates roller skaters, either pro or amateur players.

For pro rollerblading players can share techniques or skills with other club members that is how to cross the roller skating barriers and how to wear safety equipment such as the arms, knees and helmets.

"Our motto is we want to encourage healthy living by exercising roller skates. So come and join us, it's free," he stated.