Sukapura PPSU Creates Waste Sorting Containers From Unused Items

Selasa, 11 Februari 2020 19:20 Budhi Firmansyah Surapati 705

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Sukapura Urban Village Public Facilities Maintenance (PPSU) personnel in Cilincing, North Jakarta turns unused paint buckets into waste sorting containers which are divided for 7 categories of waste.

We try to utilize unused items to create the container

Now, those waste sorting containers are placed in urban village office thus many people can use it.

Sukapura Urban Village Head, Abdul Rahman Hakim stated, 7-category waste sorting container is made to implement Governor's Instruction (Ingub) No. 107/2019 about Reducing and Sorting Waste in Jakarta Government Environment.

"We try to utilize unused items to create waste container. Besides using unused paint bucket, we also collect iron scraps," he mentioned, Tuesday (2/11).

According to him, it takes around 2 days to make one unit of 7-category waste sorting container. As a pilot project, 2 waste sorting containers were made and placed in urban village office's entrance gate and lobby.

"We hope this action can encourage local residents to start sorting their waste," he closed.