60 Students Collaborate Painting Lanterns at SMAN 60 Jakarta

Senin, 20 Januari 2020 13:08 Mustaqim Amna 665

(Foto: Mustaqim Amna - Beritajakarta.id)

Tens of students conduct lantern painting activities at the SMAN 60 Building, Jalan Kemang Timur, Bangka Urban Village, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta, on Monday (1/20). It is also participated by students of SMA Bhayangkari 1. 

Besides our schools being quite close, we often collaborate on student activities

It is a form of cooperation in student activities and strengthens the relationship between the two schools. Each school sent 30 students of 10th grade to paint 30 lanterns.

"Besides our schools being quite close, we often collaborate on student activities," said SMAN 60 Vice Principal, Happy Panggabean.

The theme of this painting is about zodiac rat. Students will bring the lanterns to be installed in Thamrin 10 Food and Creative Park, Central Jakarta on three days before Imlek (Chinese New Year), precisely on January 22.

"This is not a competition who's the best, but rather the message we convey. I think brotherhood is an appropriate meaning to be displayed amid the diversity of citizens in Jakarta," she added.

SMA Bhayangkari Teacher Made Desi Riyani who represents the activities assessed it is very good for fostering brotherhood.

"We can see students interact with each other even though they are from different schools. They can get new friends and create a chemistry to work with, as they just met today," she closed.