Anies Ensures to Handle Flood in Jakarta Optimally

Reporter : Agung Supriyanto | Editor : Maria Inggita | January 1st, 2020 01:05 PM 13:05 WIB | Dibaca 562 kali
Anies Ensures to Handle Flood in Jakarta Optimally (Foto : Agung Supriyanto /

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan ensures all Jakarta Government apparatuses to work optimally to handle flood in several areas in Jakarta.

" Citizens can reach our call center in 112 for getting assistance"

Until 9:30 AM, 11 spots in East Jakarta are flooded, while 5 spots in 2 RWs in West Jakarta, 2 spots in 1 RW in South Jakarta, and 1 spot in 1 RW in North Jakarta.

"I instruct all urban village heads to monitor on the field. RT and RW heads who need assistance for their residents can cooperate with the local urban village head," he asserted while monitoring water level on Manggarai Sluice Gate, Wednesday (1/1).

He explained that all apparatuses in regions or non-region will be on duty today to ensure public service can be done optimally, especially for citizens who need assistance.

"Citizens can reach our call center in 112 for getting assistance such as rubber boat and others. They can also report us if they need logistic assistance, thus we can send it to them immediately," he stated.

He also reminds residents who stay near the river areas to be on guard because Manggarai Sluice Gate's current status reaches Alert 2.

"Depok Sluice Gate's status is in Alert 3 with water level reaches 270 centimeters. We predict it to arrive in Jakarta at 3 PM. Thus we remind all citizens to be prepared and anticipate the flood," he informed.

According to him, water from mountains would arrive to Jakarta around 6 PM. Recently, Katulampa Dam is in Alert 2 status with water level of 170 centimeters. 

"All of our officials already standby on the field, including those who provide emergency tents, shelter, logistic assistance, and other basic needs," he conveyed.

He continued, now all Jakarta Government apparatuses are on standby position to ensure people affected by flood to get what they need.

"We also ensure health service to be accessed easier for people who are affected by flood," he told.