11 Markets in Jakarta Obtained Award from Ministry of Trade

Rabu, 18 Desember 2019 17:48 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 618

(Foto: Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing - Beritajakarta.id)

11 Markets in Jakarta obtained predicate of The Orderly Measurement Markets 2019 from Ministry of Trade.

It could gain people's trust towards merchants in the markets with Orderly Measurement Market predicate

Those markets consist of 5 Lokbin markets under Jakarta KUKMP Department, 5 markets under Pasar Jaya, and 1 market managed by private sector.

5 Lokbin markets that obtained the predicate are Lokbin Rorotan, Lokbin Cempaka Sari, Lokbin Meruya, Lokbin Bintaro, and Lokbin Muria Dalam.

While for traditional markets, there are Koja Baru Market, Glodok Market, Mayestik Market, Enjo Market, and Kramat Jati Market, then Fresh Market-PIK that is managed by private sector.

Jakarta Cooperative, Small Medium Enterprises, and Trade (KUKMP) Department's Metrology Management Unit Head, Johan Taruma Jaya stated, The Orderly Measurement Market award is given as an appreciation from Ministry of Trade towards markets in Indonesia that have conducted trading using scales and measurement tools in a good condition, calibrated, and reset.

"We have prepared those 11 markets to be proposed in The Orderly Measurement Market contest. We are focus to guide, monitor, and supervise those 11 markets. At first, we have targeted them to meet all the criterias in The Orderly Measurement Market contest," he explained, Wednesday (12/18).

He mentioned, 11 markets that have been proposed for this contest were surveyed and checked by team from Ministry of Trade to ensure those markets were deserved as The Orderly Measurement Market.

"After conducting field survey and getting assistance from Ministry of Trade's team, 11 markets will be judged whether it deserves Orderly Measurement Market 2019 predicate or not," he added.

According to him, markets with Orderly Measurement Market predicate could increase people's trust in doing transaction because the certainty of measuring instruments in those markets.

"It could gain people's trust towards merchants in the markets with Orderly Measurement Market predicate," he stated.

For information, Ministry of Trade also invited Jakarta Government to receive the award in Bandung on Friday (12/20).

In order to appreciate the 11 markets that achieved the predicate, Jakarta Government will grant portable scales that will be used for Center Scale Reset.

"Customers can ensure product's weight by re-measuring it in the Center Scale Reset. If they get different weight, they can complain to the merchants and we will train the merchants," he stated.

His side will continue to do monitoring, training, and socialization in those 11 markets thus they can maintain their predicate and gain customer's trust.

"We also train and socialize other markets that are potential to be nominated as Orderly Measurement Market next year. We are targeting minimal 11 markets to get this predicate," he closed.