Disparbud Continues to Develop Tourism Potential in Jakarta

Selasa, 10 Desember 2019 17:05 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 625

(Foto: - Beritajakarta.id)

The Jakarta Tourism and Culture Agency (Disparbud) Acting Head Alberto Ali says the agency continues to develop regional-based tourism potential in the capital. 

Its development acts to increase tourist visits to the capital

According to him, the city has 216 tourist destinations that are divided into four regions, namely heritage, nature, urban and culinary areas.

For heritage area, such as Kota Tua, West Jakarta, its area will be arranged like Malacca, Malaysia. There are many lined colonial heritage buildings, such as the Puppet Museum, the Ceramics Museum and the Bank Indonesia Museum.

"Its development acts to increase tourist visits to the capital," he expressed, Tuesday (12/10).

Then nature area, Thousand Islands, the group of islands in the Jakarta Bay is able to attract visitors to stay longer to enjoy its endless beauty.

Thus far there are 17 favorite islands for visitors to spend weekends or holidays, namely Bidadari, Bira Besar, Sepa, Onrust, Edam, Martello, Kelor, Pelangi, Sakura, Ayer, Pramuka, Harapan, Pari, Pantara, Semak Daun, Tidung and Putri islands.

As for the urban areas targeting three locations namely, Cipete, Cikini and Kemang. The reference to Cipete is Bojeong-Dong in South Korea. As planned, there will be development of signposts or cafe maps along Cipete route, in collaboration with nearby cafes or restaurants.

While Cikini references are from Nimman Street, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Besides being close to Taman Ismail Marzuki, the Cikini area is also a center for co-working space.

"Then is Kemang where its references are Haji Lane, Singapore. There will be collaborating with artists to hold the Kemang Art Festival," he explained.

Further, the Petodjo Enclek Creative Market at Jalan Suryopranoto, Petojo Selatan Urban Village, Gambir, Central Jakarta will be transformed into youth zone by referring to the Hua Shan Cultural Park in Taiwan.

"To realize this, Perumda Pasar Jaya has revitalized the Petodjo Enclek Market in December 2017," he told.

He continued the culinary area targets Jalan Sabang and Thamrin 10. Jonker Street in Malacca becomes a reference for Jalan Sabang. In its planning, Jalan Sabang will be arranged as a weekend culinary market.

Unlike Thamrin 10 which is inspired by the Christmas Market in Germany, the park and ride parks in Sari Pan Pacific Hotel and Bank Mandiri Syariah building, Jalan MH Tharim, Central Jakarta will be closed down.

They will be transformed into a culinary and artistic center, such as the Christmas Market in Germany, which is said to be the largest in the world.

"This is not about parking lot but culinary center that is able to move the economy of SMEs. There is collaboration with the music or arts community," he stated.