Foreign Tourists Enjoyed Lebaran Betawi Event at Monas

Minggu, 14 September 2014 14:30 Jhon Syah Putra Kaban 2409

(Foto: Adi Alfiyan -

The event of Lebaran Betawi held in Monas, Central Jakarta, Saturday (9/13), went lively. Not only visited by Jakartans, it also attracted foreign tourists who were seen enthusiastically enjoying the event.

This is my first visit to Jakarta and I’m interested to taste Betawi’s traditional culinary

Christian (40), a tourist from Germany, admitted very enjoying Lebaran Betawi event because of its uniqueness and also because of Jakartans’ hospitality.

“They are very friendly. When I looking their face, begin to love and love again, that’s what I would like. This is my first visit to Jakarta and I’m interested to taste Betawi’s traditional culinary,” he expressed, Saturday (9/13).

In this Lebaran Betawi event, the visitors were spoiled with various Betawi arts performances, such as tanjidor, gambang kromong, ondel-ondel, and mask dance, as well as various Betawi dishes like gabus pucung, dodol, and bir pletok.

“We want to show the people of the world that in modern city like Jakarta the local wisdoms are still alive, such as palang pintu and ngaduk dodol, as well as introducing Betawi culinary like gabus pucung and bir pletok,” stated Deputy Governor for Tourism and Culture, Sylviana Murni.

In that occasion, Murni, who was former of None Jakarta, introduced a book contains recipes of Betawi culinary.

“We made this book of recipes so Betawi culinary remains exist, favored, and all people could cook Betawi food,” she said when introducing the book issued by Jakarta Tourism and Culture Department.

Moreover, Murni explained that the first purpose of this event is to establish good relationship among Betawians and non Betawians live in Jakarta. With good relationship, it is expected that peaceful and conducive atmosphere would realize and they get to know each other.

“So Betawians and people from other tribes could meet and have fun. As known, in Jakarta there are many tribes, such as Javanese, Sundanese, Bataknese, Padangnese, et cetera,” she uttered.

According to Murni, Jakarta Provincial Government was very enthusiastic in bringing success to the event which will be held until today, Sunday (9/14). Besides, the enthusiasts from youngsters are very high.

“We’re targeting 10,000 people to visit this event. Last year, Lebaran Betawi was only held for one day, this year two days. As a matter of fact, there are also requests to hold it for a week,” she told.