Commission B Supports Art and Culture Coaching Program

Kamis, 14 November 2019 14:01 Folmer 471

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The Commission B supports the Jakarta Tourism and Culture Department (Disparbud)'s proposal to reactivate art and culture coaching activities to improve tourism in Jakarta.

We agreed to increase budget allocated for art and culture coaching

Commission B Chairman, Abdul Aziz encourages the department to intensify art and culture coaching programs in studios in order to increase tourist visit to Jakarta.

"We agreed to increase budget allocated for art and culture coaching thus they can perform in front of foreign tourists who visit Jakarta," he said, during the 2020 KUA-PPAS further review with Disparbud, Wednesday (11/13).

Moreover, tourism promotion in Jakarta must be more consistent and measurable.

"If it is inconsistent, it will reduce tourist visits to Jakarta. We also suggest them to make work targets of each allocated budget used for promotion every year thus it can be in line with the increase in tourist visits to Jakarta," he explained.

Jakarta Disparbud Acting Head (Plt) Alberto Ali explained, there are some programs in tourism sector that was cut due to efficiency, but cancelled and then reactivated. Especially programs that related to the community.

His side also provides management coaching for art and cultural studios which are handled directly by the sub-departments in municipality and regency.

"We provide speakers to help them management in art and cultural studio," he said.

Moreover, his side also invites those studios to perform in activities held by the Jakarta Provincial Government, central government, or star hotels.

"Performing stage is needed for artists to show their skills," he added.