Bamus Sets Legislative Work Schedule

Kamis, 14 November 2019 12:56 Maulana Khamal Macharani 636

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The Jakarta Council (DPRD) Consultative Board holds a meeting to set legislative's working schedule regarding the Regional Regulation Forming Agency (Bapemperda) programs review, Work Plans (Renja) preparation, and Technical Guidance (Bimtek) implementation in 2020 working period.

We have knocked the hammer for Renja schedule next year

Jakarta DPRD Bamus Deputy Chairperson, Zita Anjani mentioned, the legislative must set working schedule through Bamus before the end of November.

"We have knocked the hammer for Renja schedule next year. Then, Bimtek that will be held in early December 2019 and to set Bapemperda meeting schedule," she explained after leading Bamus meeting at Jakarta DPRD Building, Wednesday (11/13).

According to her, this Bapemperda meeting schedule is an inventory of proposals from the commission, faction and executive.

Meanwhile, on Monday (11/18), there will be a meeting to receive inputs towards programs proposed by Bapemperda together with leaders in the commission, faction, and executive.

"Meeting to get inputs from academics, communities, non-governmental organizations, and others will be held together with the executive on Wednesday (11/20)," she said.

Then another meeting to discuss the proposed program for 2020 Regional Regulation (Perda) and priority list of proposed regulations will be done with the executive on Monday (11/25).

"On November 26, similar meeting is also slated to finalize the list of programs for the formation of 2020 regional regulations with the executive.

According to her, report on the results of Bapemperda's discussion will be submitted on meeting on Thursday (11/28). It will be also attended by leaders from the commission, faction and executive.

"Plenary report is held on Friday (11/29), to submit finalized report of local regulations and seek approval from all board members," she told.

Meeting on Monday (11/18), her side will review about proposal draft, program design and activities in 2020 together with the Board Fittings (AKD).

"Further, the 2020 Renja Determination Plenary Meeting will be reviewed on Friday (11/29), while for Bimtek is on December 1-3, 2019," she closed.