Commission B Agrees on Adjustment of PE Department Budget

Selasa, 12 November 2019 10:37 Mustaqim Amna Maria Inggita 502

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The Jakarta DPRD Commission B approved on the adjustment of the APBD and the 2020 budget priorities and preliminary threshold (KUA-PPAS) in the amount of Rp 736.01 billion.

We agree, the priority scale is indeed the needs of many people

From the initial proposal, the Industry and Energy Department proposed Rp 803.94 billion and then evaluated including an increase of Rp 189.3 billion and a reduction of Rp 257.23 billion in discussions with the Commission B.

Jakarta DPRD Commission B Chairperson Abdul Aziz said evaluation was prioritized on proposals that are not yet priority or urgent needs.

"We have given inputs to them in sorting out budget that can still be done efficiently," he expressed, at Jakarta Council Building, Monday (11/11).

His party appreciated them, because they can follow up the input given by the leadership and members of the Commission B well.

"We agree, the priority scale is indeed the needs of many people," he explained.

Meanwhile, PE Department Acting Head Ricki Marojahan Mulia expressed, the nominal budget approved by Commission B would be focused on the implementation of activities or programs.

"It will be optimized for facilities and infrastructure, as well as human resources in the PE Department, including PJLP," he stated.