East Jakarta Mayor Attends at Ciliwung 2 Festival

Sabtu, 09 November 2019 16:53 Nurito Maria Inggita 613

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

Today, East Jakarta Mayor, Muhammad Anwar attended the Ciliwung 2 Festival at Padepokan Ciliwung Condet (PCC), Jl. Munggang, Gg. H. Mursali, Balekambang Urban Village, Kramat Jati.

We hope it can encourage people to care for Ciliwung and maintain it clean

For information, this festival was also attended by Jakarta Deputy Govenor for Culture and Tourism Department, Dadang Solihin.

Besides Betawi cultural art performances, it was also enlivened by sending 10 assembled model boats on the river. It brings messages and wishes for river cleanliness, especially residents for not throwing trash to the river.

East Jakarta Mayor, Muhammad Anwar explained, communities who live along Ciliwung River should be united to encourage and raise awareness of the locals to maintain river cleanliness.

"We hope it can encourage people to care for Ciliwung and maintain it clean," he said, Saturday (11/9).

Jakarta Deputy Governor for Culture and Tourism Department, Dadang Solihin explained, his side welcomes this event positively and appreciates the committee, local residents, and stakeholders who ensure Ciliwung 2 Festival to run well.

"This festival remind us to continue in maintaining Ciliwung clean, safe, comfortable, and healthy," he said.

He also hopes this event can give benefits for the locals.

"We hope it can promote water tourism that is safe and comfortable," he added.

Meanwhile, the Committee Chairman, Ahmad Maulana conveyed his gratitude for Jakarta Provincial Government who have support his side in holding Ciliwung 2 Festival.


According to him, this is the second festival that presents variety of local wisdom performances.

For example, Condet martial arts, hadroh, storytelling, making batik, learning archery, and gambang kromong.

"Moreover, there are also culinary and non culinary bazaar and many others," he expressed.