KUA-PPAS Review at Commission B will Be Continued on Monday

Jumat, 08 November 2019 14:23 Mustaqim Amna 495

(Foto: Mustaqim Amna - Beritajakarta.id)

City Council (DPRD) Commission B will continue to review City Budget (APBD) General Policy and Provisional Budget Priorities and Funding Levels (KUA-PPAS) 2020 on Monday (11/11).

We want them to prepare it better

Commission B Chairman, Abdul Aziz explained, KUA-PPAS is scheduled to be reviewed further for Industry and Energy (PE) Department and Tourism and Culture Department (Disparbud) on Monday.

"We want them to prepare it better. All components that support their budget proposal should meet the priority scales and efficiency," he asserted, Friday (11/8).

According to him, this weekend Councillors are also scheduled for recess in order to hear directly resident's aspirations.

"We have discussed it in Bamus that recess schedule for Councillors will be held on the first week of November," he explained.