Regent Plans to Arrange Culinary Center at Arsa Park

Kamis, 07 November 2019 14:08 Suparni 629

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Thousand Islands Regency plans to arrange culinary center at Arsa Park, Untung Jawa Urban Village, South Thousand Islands.

We will supply clean water from existing pipelines

Thousand Islands Regent, Husein Murad explained, this arrangement includes clean water supply, entrance access for visitors, and street vendors relocation.

"We will supply clean water from existing pipelines," he conveyed after meeting with residents who run culinary business at Arsa Park's culinary center, Wednesday (11/6).

According to him, his side has coordinated with local urban village to add new entrance thus it facilitates visitors who want to enjoy the culinary.

"Especially for 20 street vendors that haven't been accommodated in culinary center to be more in order. We have prepared BKSDA's land in the west side of Untung Jawa for relocation," he explained.