Here is PMD Proposal from Seven BUMDs

Rabu, 06 November 2019 14:56 Mustaqim Amna Nugroho Adibrata 533

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Seven regional-owned enterprises (BUMD) have proposed the capital injection (PMD) in 2020 APBD in the amount of Rp 11.6 trillion.

Today we're discussing about PMD for seven BUMDs

In details, the PDAM Jaya proposes Rp 1.77 trillion, Perumda Pembangunan Sarana Jaya Rp 999.98 billion, PT Food Stasiun Tjipinang Jaya Rp 150 billion, PT Jakarta Propertindo Rp 5.17 trillion, PT Jakarta Tourisindo Rp 92.2 billion, PT MRT Jakarta Rp 2.6 trillion and Perumda Pasar Jaya Rp 337.57 billion.

"Today we're discussing about PMD for seven BUMDs," disclosed Jakarta DPRD's Commission B Chairman Abdul Aziz, Tuesday (11/5).

As planned, the discussion for PT Jakarta Tourisindo, PDAM Jaya and PT Jakarta Propertindo will be executed on Wednesday (11/6).

"We'll do further studies by also seeing the financial condition of the region," he explained.

His party appreciated the performance of BUMD in Jakarta so far because there was progress in realizing the Jakarta Governor's mission and vision as stated in the 2018-2022 medium-term development plan (RPJMD).

"We need to support again, starting from subsidized food, transportation and also the other side that concerns the lives of the needy, it must be prioritized as it directly impacts the community," he closed.