Commission D Approves Budget Proposal for Climate Village Program

Jumat, 01 November 2019 16:54 Rudi Hermawan Nugroho Adibrata 539

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The Jakarta Council (DPRD)'s Commission D, approved the Environment Agency's proposal for the climate village program budget amounting to Rp 258,283,099 during the discussion of the 2020 budget priorities and preliminary threshold (KUA-PPAS), on Friday (11/1).

We agree. Because this has a very good effect

The Commission D Chairwoman Ida Mahmudah assessed the climate village is a very good program as it encourages people to care about the surrounding environment. As a result, RW 01 in Sunter Jaya, North Jakarta received a national award.

"We agree. Because this has a very good effect," he expressed, Friday (11/1).

In the meantime, Jakarta Environment Agency Head Andono Warih expressed the climate village is a guidance program for the community in managing the environment such as saving water, energy and sorting organic and inorganic waste.

"Next year we plan to develop it at 20 spots of RW in five cities and districts," he said.