Commission C Expects Executives to Optimize Regional Revenue

Reporter : Maulana Khamal Macharani | Editor : Maria Inggita | October 30th, 2019 10:04 AM 10:04 WIB | Dibaca 516 kali
Commission C Expects Executives to Optimize Regional Revenue (Foto : Maulana Khamal Macharani /

Jakarta Council (DPRD) Commission C continues to review City Budget (APBD) General Policy and Provisional Budget Priorities and Funding Levels (KUA-PPAS) 2020.

" Thus we need to optimize the application of online system"

This review is held together with Local Government Budget Team (TAPD) led by Jakarta Secretary, Saefullah and leaders of regional working units (SKPD).

This meeting was led directly by Commission C Chairperson, Habib Muhammad bin Salim Alatas and attended by Commission C Coordinator as well as Jakarta DPRD Vice Chairperson, Misan Samsuri.

Misan Samsuri said, executives through related SKPD should optimize the potentials of regional revenue aside from tax sector.

"Taxes are important, but there are other sectors which should be included as income but not included. Moreover, I want you to increase regional income by optimizing other sectors. As your partner, we are ready to discuss and coordinate it with you," he conveyed at Jakarta DPRD Building, Jalan Kebon Sirih, Gambir, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (10/29).

He explained, at least all proposed budget nomenclatures should be conveyed proportionally since entire balance sheet that runs throughout SKPDs-UKPDs and BUMDs are directly related to APBD.

"For example, he has prepared budget in one SKPD, but in the end it is not enough. As you know, it should be synchronized. Don't add assumption values that are not clear," he stated.

His side hopes TAPD can continue to coordinate intensively for tax optimization in order to avoid deficit on APBD. One of the way is to improve PAD potentials.

"Related to revenue from tax sector, I think, it also needs optimum monitoring. Don't let delinquent taxpayers to deceive you. Thus we need to optimize the application of online system," he asserted.

Meanwhile, Commission C Member, S. Andyka stated, indeed scrutiny needs to be tightened by Commission C who oversees the financial problems.

"Commission C is not only reviewing increase on budget, but also monitoring and overseeing budget flow," he conveyed.

In the other hand, Jakarta TAPD Head, Saefullah conveyed, executive will continue to perfect the APBD as mentioned in KUA-PPAS 2020 draft. Including Regional Government Work Plan (RKPD) nomenclatures up to three units of activity's budget.

"We want to ensure all Jakarta Provincial Government officials to be consistent in all process of proposing and compiling KUA-PPAS 2020 draft to the Legislator in five commissions and Budget Agency (Banggar). It will be modified or not is all depend on today's review. All is done openly," he explained.

For information, KUA-PPAS 2020 draft is revised from total Rp 95.99 trillion into Rp 89.44 trillion.