PKL in Kota Tua Area Arranged

Selasa, 29 Oktober 2019 11:49 Rudi Hermawan 488

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The Taman Sari Sub-district arranges street vendors (PKL) in Kota Tua area, West Jakarta, on Monday (10/28). It is targeted to be complete in November.

We put up those boards at 10 points around the Kota Tua

Before arrangement, socialization about relocation plan had been held to them two months ago. Even the sub-district side also put up prohibition boards to sell at bus stops, sidewalks, crossing brigde (JPO) and other public facilities according to the Bylaw number 8/2007 on public order.

"We put up those boards at 10 points around the Kota Tua," disclosed Taman Sari Sub-district Head, Risan H Mustar.

His party also has provided two relocation places in the size of 2x3 square meters at Jalan Kunir that is able to accommodate 600 vendors and Jalan Cengkeh that is able to accommodate 400 vendors.

"Until now as many as 250 out of 700 PKL have registered," he told.

This action will keep being intensified in a bid to create public order.

"Most vendors are selling culinary, accessories and so on," he closed.