Bina Marga Plans to Revitalize 11 JPOs Next Year

Reporter : Adriana Megawati | Editor : Maria Inggita | October 29th, 2019 12:08 PM 12:08 WIB | Dibaca 450 kali
Bina Marga Plans to Revitalize 11 JPOs Next Year (Foto : /

Jakarta Bina Marga plans to revitalize 11 pedestrian bridges (JPO)s next year. Currently, this plan has been inputted into Provisional Budget Priorities and Funding Levels (KUA-PPAS) 2020.

" We have allocated it with total 11 JPOs next year"

Jakarta Bina Marga Department Head, Hari Nugroho stated, JPO revitalization is part of Regional Strategic Activities (KSD). In order to construct 11 JPOs, his side proposes Rp 110 billion for the budget.

"We have allocated it with total 11 JPOs next year. This plan will be prioritized because it is included as road fittings to reduce road accidents," he conveyed after attending KUA-PPAS 2020 meeting at Jakarta DPRD Building, Monday (10/28).

Those JPOs will be built with artistic design and equipped with lift on the both sides to facilitate people with disabilities who want to cross the road. Moreover, it will be installed with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

"Based on scale of work priorities, this project is the top priority," he asserted.

For information, 11 JPOs that will be revitalized next year are Kyai Caringin JPO (Tarakan RSUD Bus Shelter), Suryopranoto JPO (Petojo Bus Shelter), Pos JPO (Pasar Baru Bus Shelter), Daan Mogot JPO (Rumah Duka Abadi), Saharjo JPO (Menteng Pulo), Warung Jati Barat JPO (Masjid Assalafiyah).

Next, Warung Jati Barat JPO (Pejaten Village), Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu JPO (Tanjung Barat), Lenteng Agung JPO, Fatmawati JPO (Fatmawati RSUP), and Sugiono JPO (Al Abidin Mosque).