PMPTSP Department Launches e-KRK

Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Editor : Maria Inggita | October 25th, 2019 10:56 AM 10:56 WIB | Dibaca 555 kali
PMPTSP Department Launches e-KRK (Foto : Reza Hapiz /

Jakarta Investment and One-Stop Integrated Service (PMPTSP) Department launches its newest service feature called e-KRK within Jak Evo application.

" E-KRK makes it easier for applicants who want to apply for permits and non-permits"

Jakarta PMPTSP Department Head, Benni Aguscandra mentioned, Urban Planning Provisions (KRK) is the basic for all permit and non-permit arrangements, especially in spatial planning and construction sector.

"E-KRK makes it easier for applicants who want to apply for permits and non-permits," he said at Jakarta Public Service Mall, Thursday (10/24).

According to him, e-KRK can cut down the administration process and data processing period. Moreover, if formerly the maps are manually spread out to every surveyors' computers, e-KRK is made to gather all the maps into one system.

"Those data are the precious assets for Jakarta Provincial Government," he added.

Meanwhile, PMPTSP Department's Administration of Information Technology System Center and Archive (PSTIK) Sub-department Head, Darmawan Apriyadi stated, applicants can access e-KRK feature in Jak Evo application and follow the instruction to upload the required documents.

"Applicants will also be assisted by our expert system to send several questions automatically that should be answered by applicants,"

Thus, surveyor doesn't need to go to the office to submit their observation on the field. They just need to send the data via e-KRK and back office staff can immediately process data from observations on the field.

"After processing data, applicants can download permit document without having to come to the service point because it has been signed with digital signature which are protected with authentication using QR Code," he explained.

In standard of procedure (SOP) of KRK administration it takes maximum 14 working days to finish, but e-KRK service it can cut the process down to only one working day. He assessed, e-KRK is not only makes the process become easier and faster, but it also facilitates Supervisor SKPDs to monitor the Supervision and Control Guidance (Binwasdal) on the field.

"Supervisor SKPDs, such as CKTRP Department can see the results of KRK that have been published in sub-districts and the region," he stated.