City Encourages Broadcasting Institutions to Display Local Content

Jumat, 25 Oktober 2019 12:30 Rezki Apriliya Iskandar 452

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The Jakarta Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPID) is holding a national broadcasting seminar with the theme 'The fate of Jakarta Local Content on the Screen' at one of the hotels in Menteng Dalam area, Tebet, South Jakarta.

I'm sure that if this is truly explored to the fullest it will be something very positive

Jakarta KPID Chairperson Kawiyan said the KPID is an independent state institution tasked with overseeing broadcasting and maintaining broadcast content. That is why he wants to encourage broadcasters in order to increase the portion of local content in their shows.

"Moreover the Central KPI has required broadcasters who wish to apply for a new permit or extension must have made local content by 10 percent of the total content displayed," he expressed, Thursday (10/24).

In the future, his side will continue to monitor and evaluate the presentation of local content in broadcasters, as well as will also invite broadcasters to sit together to formulate a portion of 10 percent of local content in television shows, including the criteria and limits of local content.

"I'm sure that if this is truly explored to the fullest it will be something very positive. Not only in Jakarta, but also the broadcasting institution itself," he told.

Jakarta DPRD Vice Chairperson Mohamad Taufik positively welcomes this seminar, especially for broadcasters in the capital.

"This program is good as it reminds television media managers not to forget to pay attention to local content," he stated.