City’s Asset Inventory Results Stored in SIERA App

Jumat, 25 Oktober 2019 11:20 Adriana Megawati 435

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The Jakarta Financial Management Agency (BPAD) continues to inventory the assets owned by the Jakarta Provincial Government.

We have recapitulated and input it into a system called SIERA

The assets that have been inventoried are then saved in the Asset Reconciliation Electronic Information System (SIERA) application.

Jakarta BPAD Head Pujiono said, based on the data gathered, the city's total asset value recorded is around Rp 435.8 trillion. Those assets are spread throughout all regional working units (SKPD/UKPD).

"We have recapitulated and input it into a system called SIERA," he expressed, at Jakarta City Hall, Thursday (10/24).

From those assets, the city has land assets of approximately 30,390,000 hectares with a value of approximately Rp 324.2 trillion. As for equipment and machinery assets, there are 1,051,622 units with a value of approximately Rp 26.1 trillion.

"There are also assets in the form of 22,830 buildings worth Rp 38.1 trillion and 67,500 roads, irrigation and networks worth Rp 44.1 trillion. Other fixed assets are around 643,777 units worth Rp 1.6 trillion and building construction with 1,776 units worth Rp 1.8 trillion," he stated.