KPKP Harvests Vegetables and Fruits from OPAL Land

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Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture, Food Security (KPKP) Department harvested fruits and vegetables from Obor Pangan Lestari (OPAL) land at KPKP Office, Jalan Gunung Sahari Raya.

These fresh fruits and vegetables are great for health since it gives good nutrition for our body

Based on observation, there are tomato, green spinach, red spinach, water spinach, bok choy, and chinese flat cabbage. Total 40 kilograms vegetables and 15 kilograms tomato are harvested on Friday (10/11).

Jakarta KPKP Department Head, Darjamuni stated OPAL is built by utilizing office land to plant vegetables and fruits for food and nutrition supplies. Thus employees can enjoying fresh and organic vegetables and fruits.

"These fresh fruits and vegetables are great for health since it gives good nutrition for our body," he mentioned.

He explained, it is as mentioned in article 60 of Law No. 18/2012 about Food that government and local government are obliged to realize diversification of food consumption to meet nutritional needs of the community based on potentials and local wisdom to create a healthy, active, and productive life.

OPAL is started from utilizing land located near government offices that related to agriculture and food sector by cultivating various types of food plants, horticulture, and medicinal plants as source of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

"OPAL becomes pilot project for residents in utilizing their yard. But limited land problem can be solved with innovation in developing urban agriculture," he explained.

His side will continue to socialize movement to use land yard as a source of family food and nutrition thus people can implement it.

"We continue to socialize and educate people about OPAL to provide diversification of food consumption to fulfill resident's nutrition," he said.