Jakarta DPRD Supports City to Hold Betawi Art Performances More Often

Rabu, 09 Oktober 2019 14:12 Maulana Khamal Macharani Maria Inggita 497

(Foto: - Beritajakarta.id)

Jakarta Council (DPRD) appreciates Jakarta Provincial Government for preserving Betawi cultural arts by holding Betawi cultural art performances routinely in government offices.

It would be better to intensify Betawi performance in settlement areas

Jakarta DPRD Vice Chairman who is from Gerindra faction, Mohamad Taufik assessed, Betawi cultural art performance should be promoted massively.

"Some time ago, I watched Lenong performance in City Hall. It was very great and I appreciated it," he expressed, Tuesday (10/8).

He hopes cultural art performance can be held routinely in mayor or regent offices at least once a month.

"I also want the front yard of DPRD Building can be used to hold Betawi cultural art performance," he stated.

Holding Betawi cultural art performance is included as a part of Regional Regulation No. 15/2015 that regulates about Betawi Culture Preservation.

"I think, it is time to implement this Perda optimally," he added.

Meanwhile, other Jakarta DPRD councilor, Khotbi Akhyar said, it needs optimal effort to maintain Betawi culture existence in the modern world.

"It will be better to intensify Betawi performance in settlement areas thus parents can take their children to know about their local culture," he mentioned.

He expected, holding more Betawi performances also gives positive impacts to Betawi art performers. Especially to motivate them preserving Betawi culture.

"By using their skills to perform, it also help Betawi performers to get better income," he stated.