Anies Appreciates Journalists Works in Anugerah Jurnalistik MH Thamrin 2019

Reporter : Mustaqim Amna | Editor : Maria Inggita | September 27th, 2019 02:20 PM 14:20 WIB | Dibaca 484 kali
Anies Appreciates Journalists Works in Anugerah Jurnalistik MH Thamrin 2019 (Foto : Reza Hapiz /

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan appreciated the 45th Anugerah Jurnalistik MH Thamrin PWI Jaya event. He assessed this event gives a great impact to Jakarta because various things happened in Jakarta are potential to be produced as news.

" We should encourage public to realize the fundamental things that are important for Jakarta and Indonesia"

"We have celebrated this award for the 45th time. We are aware how big the impact of Jakarta's activities towards Indonesia. Everything happened in Jakarta has potential to be news," he said at the beginning of his speech at Great Hall, City Hall on Thursday (9/26) as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Conference.

His side appreciates the winners who created the best articles in this event. According to him, all of those works are the reflection of Jakartans from various points of view of the problems.

"We are hoping this journalist award in Jakarta can lead other journalists to concern to substantial things. We should encourage public to realize the fundamental things that are important for Jakarta and Indonesia," he conveyed.

For information, there are seven categories in this competition. Those are Editorials, General Articles, Public Service Articles, Photos, TV Broadcast Feature, Radio Broadcast Feature and Online Feature. Journalistic works contested in this year are the works that have been published and sent by participants during June 2018-August 2019 period.

Number of journalistic works were submitted to the committee through electronic mails, post, as well as searching for the jury up to specified deadline that reach more than 200 works.

All of the works have been assessed by panel of jury who are experienced as senior journalists from PWI Jaya to obtained one winner and two nominees from each category, except Radio category that will get exhibition award for this year.

All winners will get trophies and certificates. While 1st winner of each categories will receive one motorcycle as the prize. The entire works of the winners will be also published in MHT Book 2019

45th Anugerah Jurnalistik MHT Award 2019 is held by PWI DKI Jaya and supported by Jakarta Government with cooperation with sponsors from Bank BRI, BTN, BNI, Bank Mandiri, PT. Pegadaian, OJK, PT. Telkom, Djarum Foundation, KCN, Gapki, Pro Aktif, FIF, PT. Hutama Karya, PT. Pelindo II (persero), Sinar Mas Land, GT Group, Kadin Indonesia and Kapolda Metro Jaya.


Anugerah Jurnalistik MH Thamrin 2019 is a prestigious award given to journalists who produced the best journalistic works since the era of Jakarta Governor Ali Sadikin in 1974.

As in previous years, Jakarta Government organized this event to accommodate journalistic works that are constructive ad critical towards development in Jakarta.

This event also facilitates journalists to show their works as well as to get appreciation for their work.

Here are the winner from Anugerah Jurnalistik MH Thamrin 2019

I. General Article

Winner: “Mengerek Untung di Atas Gedung” (

Nominees:  - “Teluk Jakarta Cerita Pencemaran (Kompas)

                     -“Gubuk Derita di Kolong Jembatan” (

II. Header

Winner: “Bermula dari MRT” (Republika)

Nominees:  -“Panggung bagi Bahasa Daerah” (Kompas)

                     -“Air Minum Untuk Siapa” (Koran Tempo)

III. Public Service Articles

Winner: “MRT Si Saudara Muda, Peluru Baru Transportasi Jakarta” (Antaranews)

Nominees:  -“ Ramai-ramai Naik Transportasi Umum” (Republika)

                     -“Jakarta Sang Ratu dan Kuburan” (Kompas)

IV. Online Article

Winner: “Menata Kata Kota Indah, Upaya Anies Melokalkan Istilah Asing” (

Nominees:  -“Upaya Pemprov DKI Rebut Kembali Pengelolaan Air Bersih di Jakarta (

                     -“Jadi Primadona Investasi, Jakarta Hadirkan Inovasi Perizinan” (

V. Television Category

Winner: “Anies: Reklamasi Tinggal Masa Lalu” ( TV One)

Nominees:  - “Program Jejak Episode: Laut Bukan Tempat Sampah” (Kompas TV)

                      -“Tempat Sampah Raksasa di Teluk Jakarta” (Trans TV)

VI. Photo Category

Pemenang: “Sejumlah JPO dekat Istana Presiden dan Balaikota Rusak” (

Nominees:  -“Potret Pemukiman Kumuh di Penjaringan Jakut” (news`

                     -“Jakarta Terendam Banjir Kiriman dari Bogor” (

VII. Radio Category (Exhibition):

“Ratangga Wajah Baru Jakarta” (Trijaya FM)