Gemarikan Campaign Given to 1,400 Elementary Students in Kramat Jati

Selasa, 17 September 2019 20:13 Nurito 561

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As many as 1,400 elementary students in Kramat Jati participated in Gemarikan (Love to Eat Fish) campaign held by East Jakarta Maritime Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) Sub-department at SDN Kramat Jati 24.

Through this campaign, we want these children to love eating fish

East Jakarta Secretary, Usmayadi conveyed, this campaign event is held from today to Wednesday (9/18).

"Through this campaign, we want these children to love eating fish because fish contains of protein that is good for children's brain," he said, Tuesday (9/17).

East Jakarta KPKP Sub-department Fishery Section Head, Supriyadi mentioned, there are 700 students from 31 state/private elementary schools participate in this event today.

"Tomorrow, there are also 700 elementary students from different schools who will participate in this event," he added.

For today's campaign, students are came from SDN Cawang 01, 04, 07; SDN Cililitan 01, 02, 03; SD Mambaul Ula; SD Al Ikhlas; and others.

"We are not only educate them to love eating fish, but we also give them five processed fish foods such as siomay, fish meatball, fish nugget, ebi furai, and ebi katsu," he conveyed.