Here are Procedures to Apply KLJ and KPDJ in Urban Village

Kamis, 12 September 2019 14:11 Adriana Megawati 698

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Jakarta Government accelerates Jakarta Elderly Card (KLJ) and Jakarta Disability Card (KPDJ) distribution.

Those cards are surely important for them since it can help them to be better financially

Total 40,000 KLJs and 7,000 KPDJs are targeted to be distributed this year.

Jakarta Secretary Assistant for Community Welfare (Askesra), Catur Laswanto mentioned, KLJ and KPDJ are expected to assist elderly and disabled people economically.

"Those cards are surely important for them since it can help them to be better financially," he said at City Hall, Wednesday (9/11).

In the other hand, Jakarta Social Department (Dinsos) Head, KLJ and KPDJ registration is opened on September 9-13, 2019. After registration period is over, personnel will verify and validate applicants data.

Those who want to apply for KLJ or KPDJ can go to local urban village office by bringing copy of KTP (ID card) and family card (KK), and also domicile certificate from local RT/RW for those who don't have Jakarta KTP.

"Our personnel will interview applicants by asking their personal information and fill it to registration form," he added.

After that, personnel will check required documents and applicant's form to ensure it is complete thus it can be processed further by urban village administrators. They will discuss and select applicants who are proper to get the card.

"Next, our personnel will verify and validate selected applicants data," he said.

According to him, KLJ cardholder receives financial aid Rp 600,000 per month while Rp 300,000 per month for KPDJ cardholder. They also get other facilities such as free Transjakarta bus ride and subsidized food assistance.

"Until July 2019, we have distributed 40,419 KLJs. While 7,137 KPDJs until August," he asserted.