PT MRT to Build Microlibrary and Digital Reading Corner

Senin, 09 September 2019 19:33 Wuri Setyaningsih 873

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PT MRT Jakarta is going to set up a microlibrary in Dukuh Atas MRT Station in an attempt to arouse interest in reading for Ratangga train users in the forthcoming October.

This is a development to support a program called #ruangbacajakarta

"This is a development to support a program called #ruangbacajakarta," disclosed PT MRT Jakarta President Director, William Sabandar, Monday (9/9).

His party also involves the National Library for the construction of a digital reading corner in 2020.

"What we are cooperating with them is the provision of physical and non-physical books. Everything is on its way," he told.

Especially for the digital reading corner, National Library Cooperation Sub-Division Head, Vira Varhana and its ranks will prepare all kinds of digital media devices, such as tablets or computers. As for the location, PT MRT will set it.

"People can access it at several stations that have the facility," he stated.