Elementary Students in Kebon Jeruk Encouraged to Love Eating Fish

Rabu, 14 Agustus 2019 17:46 Folmer 602

(Foto: Folmer - Beritajakarta.id)

West Jakarta Maritime Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) Sub-department campaigns Love Eating Fish (Gemarikan) movement by socializing it to 14 elementary schools in Kebon Jeruk on August 14-15.

We encourage children to consume fish regularly

West Jakarta Assistant in Economy and Development, Fredy Setiawan said, there are 1,400 elementary students participated in this socialization.

"We encourage children to consume fish regularly because it is good for their health and it could make them smarter," he conveyed, Wednesday (8/14).

West Jakarta KPKP Sub-department Acting Head, Wachyuni stated, her side wants residents and children to know the benefits of consuming fish regularly. Besides her side wants participants to know various delicious dishes made from fish.

"This campaign is enlivened with storytelling and quiz related with fishery. We also give school supplies and processed fish food to participants," she informed.