DPRD-TAPD Holds Meeting to Discuss 2019 KUA-PPAS

Reporter : Adriana Megawati | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | August 13th, 2019 02:22 PM 14:22 WIB | Dibaca 450 kali
DPRD-TAPD Holds Meeting to Discuss 2019 KUA-PPAS (Foto : Adriana Megawati / Beritajakarta.id)

The City Council (DPRD)'s Banggar along with the Jakarta Regional Budget Team (TAPD) discussed budget document or locally known as the 2019 Draft City Budget Priorities and the Provisional Budget Platform (KUA-PPAS). 

" Before a meeting at council commission, we discuss it first together,"

City DPRD's Banggar Chairman, Prasetio Edi Marsudi said that it was done to explore the proposals of TAPD in the 2019 KUA-PPAS.

"Before a meeting at council commission, we discuss it first together," he stated, at City Council Building, Monday (8/12).

Based on the data gathered, the TPAD proposed Rp 86.52 trillion in KUA-PPAS or decrease by Rp 89.08 trillion from 2019 City Budget (APBD).

It is proposed due to removal of the activities and made adjustments. For example the adjusted local income from Rp 74.77 trillion in APBD to Rp 74.63 trillion, local expenditure from Rp 80.90 trillion to Rp 77.54 trillion and local financing Rp 6.12 trillion to Rp 2.90 trillion.

While the adjustment of regional revenue was recorded around Rp 11.89 trillion from the target set at Rp 14.31 trillion. In details, the unspent funds (Silpa) in 2018 reaches Rp 9.75 trillion from 2019 APBD stipulation by Rp 12.17 trillion and local loan by Rp 2.13 trillion and is still in the same number position.

"They (TAPD) also had proposed additional by Rp 800 billion for the purpose of Sarana Jaya in case of Zero Down-payment Housing," he expressed.

In the meantime, Jakarta TAPD Chairman, Saefullah will soon coordinate with the regional working unit (SKPD/UKPD) along with DPRD related with technical issues.

"So this is just the beginning and will be re-discussed at the commission level," he told.