Anies Appreciates Lebaran Betawi

Minggu, 21 Juli 2019 20:48 Mustaqim Amna 726

(Foto: Mochamad Tresna Suheryanto -

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan appreciates the 12nd Lebaran Betawi in Monas area, Central Jakarta for three days, July 19-21.

Thank God Lebaran Betawi is the first time held in Monas

Anies who attends on third day says that Lebaran Betawi becomes a venue for Jakarta community gathering. It is not only for Betawian people but also all people who attend.

"Thank God Lebaran Betawi is the first time held in Monas. I'm not only welcome, but we support Monas as a place for the event activities. We want it becomes silaturahmi (community gathering) forum as the initial intention when started. Tradition is not only preserved, but developed. It has been existed since 2008 and is a place to strengthen brotherhood," expressed Anies as quoted by Jakarta PPID press release, Sunday (7/21).

Therefore the Jakarta Provincial Government will continue to support Betawi Bamus activities in maintaining silaturahmi and unity of Betawian people along with Jakartans through Lebaran Betawi.

Hopefully the Bamus Betawi can develop Betawian people and its cultures optimally in Jakarta. 

Nevertheless he urges the organizers and the community continued to maintain order and cleanliness. 

"let's show the world that the people here obey the rules and maintain cleanliness. Thus they will know that Lebaran Betawi is not just festive but also orderly, safe, and peaceful. Thank you Bang Haji Lulung, Bang Eki, Babeh Haji Nuri who has become the pillar of the guardianship of the harmony of the Betawian people in Jakarta. This is a wonderful job in Bamus Betawi that has maintained integrity in the Betawi community," he explained.

On the other hand, he also appreciates the role of Betawian people. In this case, they have openness, equality and an egalitarian spirit that has united the entire Indonesian nation in Jakarta.

"This city has become a city where Indonesian unity is woven. its people welcome the arrival of the archipelago with friendliness and warmth. So, it seems that there is one Indonesian life, where the role of the Betawian people is to become a catalyst for the growth of Indonesian unity," he told.

This event is also colored with Garapan Dance, Kolosal Martial Art, Samrah Betawi, Qosidah, Betawi Band and Sorendo-Rendo Nusantara Cultural Carnival.

He also takes his time to attend in the Delivering Procession, which is the tradition of delivering food and drinks to the elder through mayors and regents to the governor. Afterwards, he reviews a replica of traditional houses.

It is also attended by MPR Vice Chairman, Hidayat Nur Wahid; City Secretary, Saefullah; Thousand Islands regents and mayors; Betawi Customary Council Head, Muhamad Nuri Taher; Bamus Betawi Chairman, Lulung Abraham Lunggana; Jakarta PKK Chairman, Fery Farhati Ganis; and Jakarta Provincial Government officials.