Anies Acts as Speaker at 10th World Cities Summit Mayors Forum

Selasa, 09 Juli 2019 15:51 Mustaqim Amna 890

(Foto: Mochamad Tresna Suheryanto -

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan together with Jakarta Government officials are invited by Mendellin Mayor, Federico Gutiérrez to attend the 10th World Cities Summit Mayors Forum (WCSMF) held at Plaza Mayor Medellín Conventions and Exhibitions, Medellin, Colombia, on July 10-12, 2019. Theme for this year is 'Liveable and Sustainable Cities: Building a High Trust City'.

Moreover, this forum gives a very valuable experience to get ideas from cities leaders around the world

WCSMF is an international forum held every year. It is attended by 74 city leaders from around the world that have been chosen. The purpose is to find solution towards cities challenges and share ideas and experiences in order to create better cities for the citizens. Not only showing presentation about case studies of cities around the world, this forum also displays exhibition to support city infrastructure development and the newest city planning method from various international organizations and private industries.

"We are currently living in a competitive era where cities and regions around the world develop faster. Every regions try to absorb the best human resources and develop the sophisticated infrastructure to be the world's metropolis. In here, Jakarta is not only be a role model nationally, but globally," said Anies as quoted from Jakarta PPID press conference, Tuesday (7/9). 

He hopes Jakarta Government's best innovations and experiences in building trust between institutions and citizens can be taken as reference for other cities in this forum for developing their cities. Moreover this forum will also review about cities' plans in order to provide environment and economy protection in a hard economy fluctuation and extreme weather change. Each WCSMF members are expected to show their cities transformations which are characterized by a high level of trust between government and its citizens, empowering the community through community-based activities (community action), and strengthening trust towards government through public open spaces.

"Moreover, this forum gives a very valuable experience to get ideas from cities leaders around the world for a better understanding of sustainable cities and its planning and development to tackle city problems such as impact of urbanization, thus we can get more comprehensive and integrated solutions," he explained.

WCSMF 2019 is divided into two main discussion sessions:

- First session raises theme 'Strengthening Social and Institutional Confidence' which is presented by Seoul Mayor of South Korea, Park Won-soon; Bilbao Vice Mayor of Spain, Gotzone Sagardui; and Antwerp Mayor of Belgia, Bart De Wever. This first session will focus on discussion about high inequality, segregation and disunity in city that will reduce trust and collaboration within the city. Experience sharing from Mendellin and Singapore cities show that integration in social, physics, and institutions can solve segregation especially when it is supported with long-term vision and dynamic city planning. In this session, WCSMF 2019 participants will discuss further about current innovations that can be implemented to gain trust between government institutions and citizens.

- Second session raises theme 'Enhancing Economic and Environmental Security' presented by Head of Centre for Liveable Cities, Dr. Liu Thai Ker; Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan; and Panama City Mayor, José Luis Fábrega. This discussion will focus on how city creates long-term plans while prioritizing sustainability and climate resilience. Cities that are safe and provide environmental protection will strive to manage water, food and energy resources in a sustainable manner, and minimize pollution / pollution levels.

In the second session, Anies together with other speakers will show the participants that city planning is the main key to create an efficient, reliable and disaster-resistant infrastructure. While for business climate, business development, and regulations through law enforcement can keep the economy dynamic and resilient. Inclusive economy with equal opportunities for all is also important for socially sustainable growth.

Anies will also act as speaker in C40 High-Level Event named Rountable Discussion with theme 'How to make low carbon mobility in cities with bigger movement?'. For information, C40 is world's mega cities network that committed to solve climate change problems which is consisting of 94 affiliated cities and Jakarta is the only city that represents Indonesia in C40.

In this work visit, Anies also plans to do bilateral meeting with Singapore National Development Minister, Lawrence Wong; Mendellin Mayor, Federico Gutiérrez; and Seoul Mayor, Park Won-soon.