Anies Highlights Importance of Collaboration between Government and Journalists

Rabu, 03 Juli 2019 14:59 Mustaqim Amna 543

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Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan wants the mass media or press, in particular Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI Jaya) to continue to play a role as a working partner of the Jakarta Provincial Government in helping to inform the development program and organizing public services for the community. 

Hopefully they can be a transmitter of trust for the public

The statement was conveyed during the PWI Jaya New Board Inauguration period 2019-2024, at Great Hall, Jakarta City Hall, Jalan Medan Merdeka Selatan, Gambir, Central Jakarta.

"Thank God I'm grateful to witness the inauguration of the new board. All this time the government role is important again in the information reference. In this process, the government and mass media must have to be a work partner. We get aspirations via the media, the media express problems in society thus it is accepted as fact for we settle together. Aside that, what we do is published through the media. So this is an important collaboration that we must push together," expressed Anies as quoted by Jakarta PPID press release, Tuesday (7/2).

In publishing information, he hoped that they could prioritize independent, constructive, balanced, objective and responsible principles.

"Hence their role must be a cornerstone for developing public trust. This is what we want to do," he explained.

He expresses his appreciation on the collaboration and synergy of PWI Jaya that has planted and developed together. Further they are hoped able to strengthen synergy, coordination and cooperation in delivering news for developing the world of the press, government, and society in Jakarta.

"Hopefully they can be a transmitter of trust for the public," he exclaimed.

As for the information, these PWI new boards were inducted by the Center PWI through decree letter number 060-PGS/PP-PWI/2019 on ratification of PWI Management Structure period 2019-2024. Sayid Iskandarsyah was appointed to serve the PWI Jaya Chairman period 2019-2024.

PWI Jaya also announces Journalistic Work Competition MH. Thamrin which is re-held in collaboration with PWI Jaya and Jakarta Provincial Government through Jakarta Communication, Information and Statistics Agency.

MH Thamrin Journalistic Award Committee Chairman, Tubagus Adhi explained, as in previous years, the journalistic work can be sent to the Committee Secretariat at the PWI Jaya Secretariat, Prasada Sasana Karya Building or Bank DKI Building, Jalan Soeryopranoto No. 8, Central Jakarta.

"The participant can send original race material, from journalistic works from the period of June 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019," he told.

As for the information, the committee still opens submissions of participants' work until July 15, 2019. The journalistic work contested is related to the city development such as service, infrastructure, environment, traffic jam, human resources, etc. There are seven categories contested, namely Editorial, General Articles, Public Service Articles, Photos, TV Broadcast Features, Radio Broadcast Features and Feature Online.