14,775 Tourists Throng Setu Babakan

Minggu, 09 Juni 2019 16:40 Wuri Setyaningsih 819

(Foto: Wuri Setyaningsih - Beritajakarta.id)

South Jakarta Tourism and Culture Sub-agency Head, Imron noted that around 14,775 people have packed the Betawi cultural neighborhood Setu Babakan in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta since Thursday (6/6) until Saturday (6/8).

Especially for today, we'll hit 60,000 visitors 

"Same as the previous years, its number is always high on the final day of Eid holiday. Especially for today, we'll hit 60,000 visitors from the target set by 10,000," he expressed, Sunday (6/9)

Setu Babakan Technical Unit Head, Rafiqoh Mustafa added that 65 janitors have been alerted at the location and visitors are urged to maintain cleanliness.

"Herein we have various performances such as traditional Betawi theater, gamban kromong, and so on," he told.

Laila (43), one of visitors from Tanjung Priok admitted that she visits the Setu Babalkan to introduce Betawi cultures to her grandson.

"I'm Betawian so I have to introduce it to my grandson. Besides tourism here is cheap and the food is good," she admitted.

As for the information, the Setu Babakan opens at 6 AM-6 PM, as well as the museum opens at 9 AM-4 PM and performance opens at 2-5 PM.