Anies Appreciates #Bacajakarta for Improving Children's Interest in Reading

Sabtu, 04 Mei 2019 22:51 Rezki Apriliya Iskandar 621

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Jakarta Provincial Government together with Forum Taman Baca Masyarakat have carried out #BacaJakarta program which was held from April 1-30, 2019.

I hope #BacaJakarta could be a massive movement in this year

This program has been done in 143 locations and participated by 3,500 children with age around 7-12 years old.

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan expects this program can motivate children to build and develop their reading habit.

"I hope #BacaJakarta could be a massive movement in this year," he said when attending #BacaJakarta event at City Hall, Saturday (5/4).

According to him, this program is created to implement Governor Regulation (Pergub) No. 76/2018 about Building Reading Culture.

"In order to implement it, we encourage children's reading habits, create more reading parks, and provide Book Market thus children can get book in affordable price," he explained.

His side appreciates the related sides who have worked hard in #BacaJakarta program that has been held for a month. He hopes their hard work can motivate children to be more interested in books and library.

"This program involves more than 3,500 children, 928 reading volunteers, and 143 reading parks. Let us continue to improve reading culture in Jakarta," he asserted.

In the other hand, Jakarta Library and Archive Department (Dispusip) Head, Wahyu Haryadi is also committed to be better in optimizing the function of libraries in Jakarta as the source of information, education, research, study, and culture.