Prospective Entrepreneurs Participated in Four PKT Trainings in Sawah Besar

Senin, 08 April 2019 16:08 Maulana Khamal Macharani 577

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Central Jakarta Industry and Energy (PE) Sub-department holds Integrated Entrepreneurship Development (PKT) trainings in four locations in Sawah Besar Sub-district, Central Jakarta. Those are Sawah Besar Sub-district office, Karang Anyar Children-Friendly Integrated Public Spaces (RPTRA), Mangga Dua Selatan (Madusela) RPTRA, and Pintu Air RPTRA.

Each locations to have 40 participants in average

Central Jakarta PE Sub-department's Industry and Mineral Energy Resources Section Head, Bambang Prayitno explained, his side holds culinary training in Sawah Besar Sub-district office, soap making training in Karang Anyar RPTRA, fashion training in Madusela RPTRA, and handicraft training in Pintu Air RPTRA.

"Each locations to have 40 participants in average. We want them all to be great entrepreneurs," he stated.

Before entering the practice phase, participants are taught about three materials about entrepreneurship until April 11, 2019. Initially, they learn about entrepreneurship opportunities and challenges with instructor from Perbanas Institute Jakarta and get Small and Micro Business Permit (IUMK) from local PTSP. Then they will learn the procedures of making financial report from PT. Bank DKI.

Sawah Besar Sub-district Head, Prasetyo Kurniawan expects all PKT participants to use this chance well and follow all the training phases seriously.

"It can be the way to improve their economy," he mentioned.