East Jakarta Mayor Visits SMAN 58 to Inspect UNBK Implementation

Senin, 01 April 2019 12:32 Nurito 694

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

Today, East Jakarta Mayor, Muhammad Anwar monitors Computer-based National Exam (UNBK) implementation at SMAN 58 Ciracas. He motivates students and monitors several classrooms to ensure UNBK to be performed well.

Manage your time well to answer the questions calmly and conscientiously

"Manage your time well to answer the questions calmly and conscientiously," he conveyed to the students, Monday (4/1).

UNBK is held for four days. First day is for Bahasa Indonesia exam, second day is mathematics, third day is English, and fourth day is exam based on student's major.

SMAN 58 Ciracas Headmaster, Umaryadi stated, there are 286 students who participate in current year's UNBK. They are divided into 8 classes consist of 4 science classes and 4 social classes. All of the students prepare laptops for this exam while school also prepares computers around 10 percent of total students as a backup.

"We are ready for UNBK. We have prepared eight main servers, one server to backup, two internet network providers, and one generator set," he stated.

This school deploys 33 teachers to be invigilators which are placed in several schools using cross-system. There are 17 invigilators who monitor SMAN 59 Ciracas students for each day.

One of the students, Muhammad Iqbal ensures that students have been prepared for UNBK by conducting try outs, tutoring, and joint pray. He is targeting to reach average score of 8.

"We hope we can answer the questions well," he mentioned.