21 State Capitals Working with Sister City with Jakarta

Kamis, 14 Februari 2019 10:38 Adriana Megawati 747

(Foto: Adriana Megawati - Beritajakarta.id)

Until now, Jakarta Provincial Government has been cooperating with sister city with 21 cities in the world. It has been established since 1979, which began with Jeddah City.

This cooperation is very important for us

Jakarta Gubernatorial and Foreign Affairs Bureau Head, Muhammad Mawardi said that it is one form of international association, which has many benefits for the capital.

"This cooperation is very important for us," he expressed, at City Hall, Wednesday (2/13).

There are several things of cooperation, which have been done, ranging from urban planning management, cultural exchange to waste management.

"This is encouraged by regional working unit (SKPD) who wants to strengthen the cooperation," he exclaimed.

Hopefully it could run more optimal by bringing in experts from the sister city

As for the information, 21 cities which have been cooperating with the city are Jeddah, Seoul, Islamabad, Rotterdam, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Casablanca, Beijing, Arkansas, Berlin, New South Wales, Paris, Bangkok, Hanoi, Istanbul, Maputo, Kyiv, Moscow, Al Qud's As Shareef or Jerusalem, Pyongyang until Budapest.