Jakartans Warned of Rising Dengue Fever

Minggu, 20 Januari 2019 19:19 Rudi Hermawan 818

(Foto: - Beritajakarta.id)

Citizens are warned to stay alert to the threat of dengue fever that usually rises during the peak of the rainy season.

They must be active in anti-mosquito campaign (SPN) along with jumantik (wiggler hunter)

"They must be active in anti-mosquito campaign (SPN) along with jumantik (wiggler hunter)," stated Jakarta Health Department Head, Widyastuti, Sunday (1/20).

To anticipate dengue, they can drain water reservoirs and maintain plants that effectively repel mosquitoes or make a trap to prevent mosquitoes.

If they have a high fever between five to seven days, they can check their health in the nearest community health center (puskesmas) or hospital.

"We even urge they (puskesmas and hospital) to prepare human resources and supporting facilities," she uttered.

All this time, a number of prevention have been carried out such as, monitoring through a web-based dengue surveillance system involving 160 hospitals and puskesmas.

Then is conducting PSN with self-jumantik method and training jumantik held by puskesmas that cooperates with professional organizations and universities in several schools.

"We also do a study of dengue through various scientific disciplines involving academy institutions," he said.